Calculate your business emissions

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Calculating your emissions is a
critical first step

The climate crisis is getting worse

To limit the worst effects of climate change, we need to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050.

Every action helps

Though the individual footprint of an SME might be small, together SMEs contribute a sizable amount to the global carbon footprint. SMEs make up 90% of global business and are the foundation of the world’s value chains.

Helping you on your journey

Many SMEs want to act but may not know where to start. Get free guidance to measure your emissions and create a high-impact action plan.

How the calculator works

01 Create a business profile

Build an overview of your business by adding basic info about your size, sector and market.

02 Add your business data

Add more detail about your electricity, heating, and fuel use, as well as how much you spend on things like travel, computers, or furniture.

03 See your emissions

View a personalized dashboard with a detailed breakdown of your current emissions, and continue your carbon reduction journey.

Get inspired by their stories

The Business Carbon Calculator’s easy to use tool has given us vital insights, allowing our team to understand the extent of our footprint, reduce our emissions and deliver real changes.

Ellis Harris

Business Manager at FieCo Accountancy & Marketing

I was nervous at the prospect of calculating our business emissions but the Business Carbon Calculator was clear and simple to understand, and the process was far easier and quicker than I could have imagined.

Georgie Armour

Operations Director at Tann Westlake

The Business Carbon Calculator has given us the opportunity to accurately and quickly measure our emissions, which in turn has enabled us to set realisitc and measureable target for reduction.

Steph Harris

Practice Manager at Betteridge & Milsom Ltd.

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What you can do today:

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Make the commitment

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Take concrete action

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Report on your emissions

Report on your emissions through the SME Climate Hub Reporting Tool


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