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MSMEs in India drive economic growth, and are pivotal players in reaching the nation’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2070. No matter the size, small businesses have the power to make a difference and be the agents of change India needs.

The SME Climate Hub provides access to free tools, guides and courses specifically designed for very small to medium-sized enterprises to measure their emissions, reduce their footprint and thrive sustainably amidst evolving demands.

What is net zero?

Net zero means achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emitted and removed from the atmosphere. This is critical to fight climate change. Net zero can be reached by reducing carbon emissions as much as possible, and taking steps to offset or counteract the emissions that cannot be reduced.

What happens when you make the SME Climate Commitment?

Businesses that make the commitment join thousands of like-minded companies around the world and are counted in the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign.


Signal your commitment to climate action and take the first steps towards reaching our global climate goals. Every business has a role to play.

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Gain access to free tools for climate education, emissions measurement and reporting, to help you take action. Browse a selection of these tools before you commit.

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Be the first to know of upcoming workshops, webinars and best practices from Indian MSMEs taking climate action. Share your suggestions on how we can build more useful tools & resources to help you.

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What benefits does this provide for business?

Businesses making the SME Climate Commitment gain access to additional climate action resources and have the chance to promote their climate leadership through joint communications and marketing opportunities including case studies, social media campaigns and speaker opportunities.

Cost savings

By optimising energy and resource consumption and adopting renewable energy sources, businesses can cut operational costs as well as carbon emissions.

Enhance brand reputation

Get featured on our website and social media platforms to elevate your brand in the eyes of conscious consumers, corporate buyers & clients.

Access green finance

Take advantage of incentives and preferential financing offered to small businesses looking to invest in climate action.

Navigate regulations

By staying ahead of evolving sustainability standards and export market expectations, businesses can reduce potential risks, ensure continuous operations, and maintain a competitive edge.

MSME Case Studies & Testimonials

Indian micro, small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. From family businesses that have served the country for generations to agile startups founded by homegrown entrepreneurs, these enterprises are shaping the most innovative solutions for the future. Learn more about their climate action stories:

“Enpro India, a manufacturer of mechanical fluid systems and process equipment, has constructed a LEED platinum-rated green building that incorporates cutting-edge technologies, sustainable materials, and innovative design strategies to minimise their ecological footprint. The company is successfully cutting emissions with its rooftop solar installations, electric transport and waste management. ”

Anuj Karkare, Enpro, Deputy Managing Director

“We believe every step towards sustainability counts. The SME Climate Hub offers us an opportunity to showcase and learn from other SMEs across the globe. We’re proud to make the commitment to the Hub, and feel that our products and practices are closely aligned with the commitment. ”

Sakthi Vel, Punarbhavaa Sustainable Products, Managing Director

“Vishisht Lifestyle provides all-natural products for skincare in plastic-free and sustainable packaging. The company has grown its revenue and customer base steadily due to its sustainable practices. It also engages in offsetting some of its unavoidable carbon emissions. Founder Namrata Agarwal finds the SME Climate Hub strongly aligned with her company’s philosophy and is confident of meeting her emission reduction commitment.”

Namrata Agarwal, Vishisht Lifestyle, Director

“Avyannaa is a dynamic small Indian enterprise committed to providing eco-friendly alternatives to lifestyle and beauty products. A committed advocate for sustainability, founder Vishakha says signing up to the Hub has helped her further reduce Avyannaa’s carbon footprint. She urges her suppliers and peers to do the same, firm in the belief that small businesses can play a big role in the fight against climate change.”

Vishakha Vidhani, Avyannaa, Founder

“Intelliace Solutions is a consultancy that provides management and business services to their clients to help them reduce their carbon footprint. It firmly believes that organisations have to act urgently on the climate emergency. Co-founder Kalyani Pantangi strongly advocates for her employees, clients and vendors to be engaged in the carbon reduction journey and to take impactful action. She believes that targeted initiatives, such as the SME Climate Hub, will drive positive change for Indian MSMEs by enabling them to undertake climate action. ”

Kalyani Pantangi, Intelliace Solutions Private Limited, Co-Founder

“EMUSA Sustainable is an earth-friendly online marketplace that offers sustainable and inclusive products. The platform has created a niche for itself by resonating with consumers who want to be part of the climate solution. As a committed business to the SME Climate Hub, the startup is encouraging all its sellers to join the commitment towards net zero.”

Pallavi Krishna, EMUSA Sustainable, Founder

“Banka BioLoo is a pioneer in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) infrastructure, and believes that water scarcity is a looming challenge. With a strong conviction that environmental sustainability provides a competitive edge, the company works with governments, industries, residences and communities to provide turnkey solutions for waste and wastewater treatment. Banka BioLoo is able to recycle millions of litres of wastewater every day, converting it to re-usable water.”

Sanjay Banka, Banka BioLoo, Chairman

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