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The SME Climate Hub is a global initiative that aims to mainstream climate action in the small to medium sized business community, and enable SMEs to build resilient businesses for the future.

Businesses with under 500 employees represent 90% of business globally, and affect the livelihoods of over 2 billion people. We are here to support these businesses as they commit to their net zero journey. Our pragmatic approach removes the obstacles SMEs face as they take climate action — whether curbing emissions in their own business or getting green solutions to market.

The first step is making the commitment: to halve emissions by 2030 and to become net zero by 2050 or sooner. After making the commitment, the SME Climate Hub provides SMEs with access to free tools and resources to support their net zero journey. With tools for climate education, and emissions measurement and reporting, SMEs can make strategic and impactful reductions, track their progress, and demonstrate climate leadership.

Climate action helps small businesses build resilience amid shifting policy regulations, changing consumer demands, and global expectations. It’s in the best interest of business to start their journey — today.

The SME Climate Hub is an initiative founded by the We Mean Business Coalition, Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign in collaboration with Oxford University and Normative. The SME Climate Commitment is the official pathway for small and medium sized businesses to join the United Nations global Race to Zero campaign.


Founding partners

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Strategic knowledge partner

Outreach partners

We Mean Business Coalition

Dr. María Mendiluce

Chief Executive Officer

Pamela Jouven

Director, SME Climate Hub

Lydia Elliott

Supply Chains Manager


Kristen King

Deputy Director, Communications

Sasha Chebil

Communications Manager

Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Johan Falk
CEO Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Anna Almberg
Press Relations Contact

Mats Risberg

Partnership Manager, Exponential Roadmap Initiative

United Nations Race To Zero

Matthew Phillips

Director of Strategic Communications, UN Climate Champions

Sarah Goodenough

Communications Manager, UN Climate Champions

Fiona Macklin

Race to Zero Campaign Coordinator,

UN Climate Champions


Kristian Rönn


Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Head of Partnerships

Oxford University’s Net Zero Climate Research and Engagement Team

Kaya Axelsson

Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow

Tristram Walsh

Research Associate & Strategy Lead

Special thanks to

  • The New Division. Thank you to Jakob Trollbäck and Hannah Boman of New Division for their early support in helping to define the SME Climate Hub branding.
  • Empower. Thank you to Elana Kenton, Laura Townshend and Ben Matthews of Empower for their support and expertise with our social media channels.
  • Robin Tyan. Thank you to Robin Tyan for crucial input for the design of the SME Climate Hub logo and sharing her strategic communications expertise.
  • Gabriel O’Keeffe. Thank you to Gabriel O’Keeffe for reviewing the tools and resources from an SME perspective and coordinating input from SME business leaders.

Thank you to our partners!


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