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Small and medium-sized enterprises from all around the world are taking climate action through the SME Climate Hub. View the growing list of businesses below.

Disclaimer: The company and reporting data of SME Climate Hub businesses may not be used for commercial purposes. All data has been submitted voluntarily for public disclosure by each business owner or representative and SMEs are solely responsible for the accuracy of their emissions data submissions. The SME Climate Hub conducts routine reporting checks, but the initiative does not formally validate data. Users understand and acknowledge that any data provided through the SME Climate Hub is being provided without any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. Neither the SME Climate Hub nor the We Mean Business Coalition shall have any liability to any party with respect to such information or its accuracy or completeness.

SME Climate Commitment Reporting
Net Zero Before
Commitment Date
Latest Report
chirenti Italy Europe Manufacturing – Other 11-100 2030 17/12/2021

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SME Voices

“I’m a big believer in a community coming together to make change happen. By making our commitment with the SME Climate Hub and joining the community I’m convinced that we’ll be able to make an even greater positive impact on our climate. I hope that we can help other businesses meet their commitments too and offer our support in any way we can.”

Oli Cook, CEO & Co-Founder, Ekko

“We are at a turning point, where we must act quickly and effectively. Reducing and mitigating the adverse consequences of climate change requires the collaborative work of all.”

Edmond Grieger, Partner, Von Wobeser

“ROELMI HPC wants to pursue its commitment to exercising its business activity by operating according to a model of responsible, sustainable and transparent development; within this context, SME Climate Hub is the best way to perform concrete actions, useful for improving the climate and ecological transition. It's time for small and medium-sized businesses to join the opportunity and drive the path to a rising future.”

Rosella Malanchin, CEO, ROELMI HPC

“No business – no matter whether it is small, medium or large – can be climate complacent. Given the importance of SMEs to the community and the economy, we ought to take a lead on climate action in our respective spheres. I am proud that Banka BioLoo is part of the SME Climate Hub community taking a climate-positive attitude and acting on climate change.”

Sanjay Banka, Executive Chairman, Banka BioLoo Limited

“Climate change represents both potential risks and potential opportunities for business. The private sector stands at a pivot point to help address these challenges by taking bold and innovative actions to reduce greenhouse emissions and grab hold of the opportunities to get ahead of the curve as shareholder mindset, consumer behaviour and markets change and evolve.”

David Sempala, Chief Executive Officer, RoyalWay Media

“It is not just about making a commitment, it is about taking concrete action and that is what we intend to do with the support of the dedicated tools and resources on the SME Climate Hub.”

Valentina Mintah, Founder, West Blue Ghana Limited

“Innovative and sustainable solutions are essential to addressing the climate crisis. BeCard tries to play its part by providing a digital, eco-friendly business card. I hope that many more green solution providers will share their innovations with the world and join us on the SME Climate Hub.”

Bogdan Popescu, Founder, BeCard

“Electron joined the SME Climate Hub because we cannot afford not to invest in a net zero emissions future.”

Joanna Hubbard, CEO & Co-founder, Electron

“Yoghurt Barn is one of the first companies to become climate positive and we want to inspire our guests and other companies to follow. The time for climate action is now and the SME Climate Hub is a useful resource to help companies take action!”

Wouter Staal, CEO, Yoghurt Barn

“SMEs need to have strong support in terms of information and resources necessary to develop and prosper not only in a sustainable way, but also regeneratively with the environment. The SME Climate Hub represents a great opportunity to access the necessary tools to advance in the reconversion of our business models .”

Victor Dosoretz, CEO, Mantra Beauty

“All companies have a responsibility to take action, and I believe most of us want to. However, it is not always easy to figure out how to do so – therefore we are very grateful and happy to participate in SME Climate Hub and look forward to follow the path to become a climate resilient business.”

Asbjørn Dencker, Founder and Business Developer, Eace Gum

“The 21st century will be the century of the environment, or it will be no more.”

Maria Fernanda Garza, CEO, Orestia

“It takes a lot of good forces to create a better future and it is therefore part of our DNA to support great initiatives like the SME Climate Hub. The more we are, the better we can create.”

Anna Bäck, CEO, Kivra